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Progress/Tobin Tree of Life Vintage Quilt Kit

I have had an enquiry regarding the Progress/Tobin Tree of Life vintage quilt kit I currently have in stock. This is one of the earlier kits probably dating to around or before the mid 1970’s.
Since the picture used on the package is in black and white, this kit may be as early as the 1950’s but I cannot state this as fact. The finished dimensions will be 79×97 inches and as far as I can see and feel without opening this sealed kit, the binding is there along with all the fabrics to be used. Fabrics are all 100% cotton. This kit usually came with some embroidery thread to embroider fine details and I have no reason to suspect the threads are not there, but if not, they can easily be replaced at any needlecraft store.
When I looked at my previous post for this lovely vintage kit, I discovered that as a result of a computer crash where I lost the original pictures, the pictures on the post had become corrupted. This new set of pictures I took this evening fixes that.
SOLD NOV 18/09

Lavender Sachets are ready!

At last my supply of fresh lavender buds has arrived, and a few bolts of lovely ribbon. This morning I am making sachet bags to fill from my sealed supply of fragrant lavender buds as your orders come in. This way you will have the full advantage of the lovely delicate scent.
When you have a choice between using fresh renewably grown lavender and the heavy, chemical laden scents of the air fresheners commercially available and nationally advertised, of course you will want to choose the gentler, kinder solution. Try keeping one or two in your linen closet, in your bureau drawers or a couple in an open dish in an area you want to smell fresh and appealing.
The refillable sachets are made of fine reproduction quilting materials based on European and American vintage and antique fabrics. If you wish, I can make them up using vintage feedsacks, 1970’s calicos and a few oddments of 50’s fabrics I have. I am also waiting for some offcuts and remnants from French General( in Los Angeles to arrive in my mailbox, and I have ordered lots of fabric from Moda’s French General Rouenneries line – luscious repro fabric reflecting the early 1800’s French fabrics printed in Rouen . I will also be able to make sachet bags using traditional fabrics sourced in Provence.

Just state your colour preferences and let me choose for you, or if you have a specific fabric in mind, contact me to see if I can supply it or something very like it.
My lovely refillable sachets are plump with this year’s fresh lavender and come to you sealed in a plastic bag to preserve their freshness. The sachets shown in this post are some I made up for a Xmas basket draw my community group are preparing for a concert to be held in a few weeks time in our local hall.
Contact me to place your order.
PRICE: 3 for $27.50 plus $5 postage = $32.50 US dollars


A client who is in the process of deciding to have me complete one of these kits has asked me to publish a post to help her decide.
Remember to click on each picture to enlarge as detail is so difficult to see in photos of wholecloth quilts.

I have five suggestions for her consideration:

Americana Star 42×42 ecru

SOLD to be made up Nov 16/09

Benartex Anchors Aweigh 40×54 ecru

Floral Bouquet 40×48 ecru

Benartex Floral Fantasy 40×54 ecru

Pennsylvania Folk Art II 45×47
The quilt in question is the one on the wall.
This can be made up either as a wholecloth quilt or
with the additional applique details as shown above.
Either way, a stunning quilt.

I have had these kits listed at prices between $95 and $100 USD plus shipping, but will be happy to make up any one of them for $400 shipping included. If you require applique for the Pennsylvania Folk Art II quilt – the total charge will be $450 shipping included, $400 without applique. Again remember to click to enlarge photos.
Contact me with your inquiries/orders


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