Paragon Cross Stitch Quilt Kit "Rose Brocade"

I have a small but devoted group of followers who collect the lovely old applique and cross stitch quilt kits that are becoming harder and harder to find. I haven’t seen many of them lately on the secondary market, but not long ago I was able to snap up this treasure when it was offered to me.

This is the Paragon “Rose Brocade” cross stitch kit, complete with the original and still sealed thread kit. This find was apparently purchased at Lee Wards and we know how long they’ve been out of business, so this is an oldy. The thread colours are absolutely luscious and the quilt top pieces are pristine. I know this one will go fast!
$195 USD postage included in North America

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  • Debbie:

    Hello. I’ve recently come in possession of the 3 quilt pieces that make up the Paragon Rose Brocade cross stitched quilt. A large majority of the cross stitching has already been done, but there is still much to complete. It did not come with any embroidery threads or the instruction sheet. Would you happen to have an instruction sheet for this kit, or would you be willing to provide me a copy of one so that I can get the correct threads? Thanks.

  • Victoria:


    Left a message on email.


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