Vintage Cross Stitch Quilts for Small Children

Today I am listing three sweet vintage cross stitch quilt kits for baby or small child.
One each by Paragon, Progress/Tobin and Bucilla. These are becoming harder to find on the secondary market as they have been out of print for many years.

Above is the Walt Disney trademarked Bambi kit. Bambi themed decor was popular from the early 1940’s when the animated feature length movie was made. This quilt kit comes complete with the threads needed to complete embroidery. Crib sized.
PRICE: $75 USD + shipping SOLD APRIL 29/10

Bucilla produced this very popular child’s bed quilt. This kit is youth bed size 54×72 and comes complete with all threads needed and preprinted dotted lines for quilting. If desired, this quilt kit could be enlarged by a border to fit a full sized twin bed rather than the youth bed size. I suspect this quilt kit dates to the 1950’s judging by the colours used and the style of the design. A treasure!!

PRICE: $85 USD + shipping

Above is the precious Sweet Dreams by Progress/Tobin. A baby with a teddy bear. Sentiments from a more innocent time!! Apparently a bib kit was also available for embroidery. This kit comes pre-quilted and if desired I can give you a tutorial on embroidering with little or no trace on the back. This kit is crib sized. PRICE: $75 USD + shipping

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