First of all I want to express my apologies to those who have been waiting to see my new postings. I have had a series of computer glitches with my archaic dialup system refusing to grant the full kbps they boast of providing and with the tiny amount they are providing out here in the boonies at the end of their loop – it just isn’t possible to publish a picture rich posting. So instead of a dozen or more pictures I am going to try to go with 3 for now and do another couple of posts later if all is ok.

My first picture is of a Paragon vintage kit for cross stitch embroidery – American Heritage. This is a gorgeous kit and has been started and has all the threads necessary to complete in the most scrumptious colours. The colours are much stronger and more intense than this picture indicates. Size is double/queen 82×97 inches and all you will need is batting, thread and backing.
Price: $210 USD + shipping

Pictured above is Paragon’s Baltimore Bride vintage quilt kit in double/queen for cross stitch embroidery. This kit was inspired by the amazing applique quilts that came out of the Baltimore area during the 1850’s. I’m working on one of these kits right now and am loving the results.
There is no thread kit with this item and I have never seen one but the listed numbers and number of skeins is on the package, so no problem.
Price $165 USD + shipping

I have this lovely kit back in stock. It is Bucilla’s American Eagle, or Liberty as it was known when marketed by Bucilla on behalf of 20 Mule Team Borax as a premium in 1976 during the bicentennial celebrations. No thread kit with this one but it is stunning with the colourway for 20 Mule Team, which was scarlet and royal blue. It would also lend itself nicely to a red, green and touches of ochre colour scheme so popular during the 1800’s and before. Sized at 90×103 this top will finish to a good queen sized quilt.
Price $195 + shipping


  • Cheryl:

    I made this American Eagle quilt in the mid 1970’s and my husband’s grandmother quilted it as a wedding present in 1976. Do you have any idea what it would be worth if it was to be sold in US dollars? I would appreciate your input.


  • janet:

    Good Morning Cheryl: I’m going to discuss prices in an email to protect your privacy.
    How lovely this quilt made from a kit must be! I’m fortunate to have it back in stock again and this time it has the blue and red thread kit with it!

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