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I’m posting several pieces of lady’s clothing made in the early 1980’s by Suttles and Seawinds – the labels are signed by Vicky Lynn Bardon and the location – New Germany, Nova Scotia, Canada was the original location of the factory and store in the late 70’s through to mid eighties. I attended their annual sales there at the time and the selection of clothing, accessories, kitchen linens etc, as well as fine quality fabric was exciting. The garments were made using cottage industry based from the homes of local needlewomen in the New Germany area of Lunenburg in Nova Scotia. These fashions are no longer made, as times changed and the labour intensive handwork was no longer economically viable. Today Suttles and Seawinds still make upmarket fashions, and has a presence in Mahone Bay, but these fashions are not nearly as highly detailed and require little handwork.

Above is a very pretty full skirt – with some piecing and a wide band of black silk ribbon on the bottom. It is small size skirt, the waistband has two positions and at the smaller position is is 26 inches. Length is 31.5 inches, with an ample hem offering an additional 2.5 inches, should you need more length.

PRICE: $75 USD + shipping

The dress above is a heavyweight cotton, in excellent condition – ideal as a winter dress, and suitable for many occasions. The previous owner told me she bought it for her daughter who did not care for it and therfore didn’t wear it at all. The fabric is a beautiful printed stripe which makes full use of that print in its styling – pin tucked to the waist and then swirling out in unpressed pleats. Long sleeves are fastened with tiny velcro fastenings so are infinitely adjustable, and the finishing touch is a lovely ruffle of ecru Irish cluny lace at the neck.

34 inches at both the slightly raised waist and across the chest, the length is (neck to hem) 49 inches with no leeway to let down the hem due to the way in which the bottom border has been joined to prevent a bulky seam. Size on the label is marked as large.

PRICE: $95 USD + shipping

Pictured above is the entrancing Ann of Green Gables skirt. This skirt is carefully hand pieced and hand appliqued to an original design and depicts Ann Shirley’s home in Prince Edward Island – Green Gables. This skirt was made in very limited quantities for a short period of time and I have only seen the one. I was told it had retailed for over $200 in the shop. it has a half waistband of elastic and adjustable ties – unstretched the waist is 26 inches, while stretched it is close to 30 inches – in addition the button can be moved out another half inch or so. Skirt is on a yoke in front and ties close in the back. Length is 35 inches with another 1.5 available in the hem if you need more length.

PRICE: $149 USD and shipping

Vintage Cross Stitch Quilts for Small Children

Today I am listing three sweet vintage cross stitch quilt kits for baby or small child.
One each by Paragon, Progress/Tobin and Bucilla. These are becoming harder to find on the secondary market as they have been out of print for many years.

Above is the Walt Disney trademarked Bambi kit. Bambi themed decor was popular from the early 1940’s when the animated feature length movie was made. This quilt kit comes complete with the threads needed to complete embroidery. Crib sized.
PRICE: $75 USD + shipping SOLD APRIL 29/10

Bucilla produced this very popular child’s bed quilt. This kit is youth bed size 54×72 and comes complete with all threads needed and preprinted dotted lines for quilting. If desired, this quilt kit could be enlarged by a border to fit a full sized twin bed rather than the youth bed size. I suspect this quilt kit dates to the 1950’s judging by the colours used and the style of the design. A treasure!!

PRICE: $85 USD + shipping

Above is the precious Sweet Dreams by Progress/Tobin. A baby with a teddy bear. Sentiments from a more innocent time!! Apparently a bib kit was also available for embroidery. This kit comes pre-quilted and if desired I can give you a tutorial on embroidering with little or no trace on the back. This kit is crib sized. PRICE: $75 USD + shipping

Bucilla King/Queen Vintage Cross Stitch Kit

Just two more for today as my patience is about exhausted in dealing with Blogger’s various current glitches. Uploading pictures has been slow and chancy to say the least!

Above is the vintage Bucilla cross stitch quilt kit “Jacobean Garden” which as you can see is a version of the Tree of Life pattern brought to the western world with the first shipments of Indiennes prints out of India in the early 17th century. It is derived from the palampores so very popular at that time as bedcoverings. It is a very lovely kit – the colours are soft and vibrant.
This kit(a king/queen) is a rare one and I only ever saw this one that I promptly acquired. No thread kit for this one but colours and quantities are listed.
Price $225 USD + shipping
Now I’m having problems getting this post to format in the way I prefer, so please bear with me as I finish up here…..
Below is a Bucilla Vintage Cross Stitch quilt kit that is derived from traditional 19th century quilts. It is a queen sized kit and we see it shown in one colour only – which would work up quickly. It might though, make more of an impact using the strong colours so popular in both Baltimore Album quilts and the red, green and ochre quilts made in the eastern seaboard and spread westward with settlement – again your choice as there is no thread kit with it.
PRICE: $185 + shipping

More Vintage Cross Stitch Quilt Kits…..

Gradually I’m getting all my vintage quilt kits listed for sale. Time to reduce my collections!

Above is a single sized paragon cross stitch quilt kit based on a traditional applique pattern. There was a strong revival of interest in heritage quilts at about the time of the US Bicentennial in 1976, which also heralded a resurgence in quiltmaking that has not died down at all more than a quarter of a century later. This may be just the project you are looking for to dress up a spare room bed or give to a young girl. It’s small enough to be doable, but with a good choice of colours will make a strong statement in a traditionally furnished room.
PRICE: $135USD + shipping

Another lovely vintage cross stitch quilt top. This one is a large double/queen – definitely a queen and quite possibly a king. The colourway shown is the 1970’s popular choice of blue and green but perhaps it will suit you to use for traditional colours – since there is no thread with this kit, that will be your choice.
PRICE: $185USD + shipping

This is another double/queen by Bucilla for cross stitch. This vintage quilt kit is a classic design with lots of green to tie the bright songbird colours together. This will make a lovely statement against many styles of interior decoration. Very tempting!! This vintage cross stitch quilt kit probably dates to the late 70’s.
PRICE: $175 + shipping

Yet another classic, this time a vintage cross stitch quilt kit in king sized. I bought this in the late 1970’s from Mary Maxim’s in Paris Ontario and have had it stored away since then. Lovely colours make this a choice that will look good in most bedrooms and will provide a focal point.
PRICE $175 + shipping

And finally, a somewhat more recent but still vintage cross stitch kit, from the early 1980’s I think, and again by Bucilla. The colours suggested are lovely and although the pillow shams are not in this kit and I have not been able to find a pair to match, this is still a striking quilt kit. The price is certainly one that invites purchase of this hard to find kit. Again a queen/double size.

PRICE: $160 USD + shipping


First of all I want to express my apologies to those who have been waiting to see my new postings. I have had a series of computer glitches with my archaic dialup system refusing to grant the full kbps they boast of providing and with the tiny amount they are providing out here in the boonies at the end of their loop – it just isn’t possible to publish a picture rich posting. So instead of a dozen or more pictures I am going to try to go with 3 for now and do another couple of posts later if all is ok.

My first picture is of a Paragon vintage kit for cross stitch embroidery – American Heritage. This is a gorgeous kit and has been started and has all the threads necessary to complete in the most scrumptious colours. The colours are much stronger and more intense than this picture indicates. Size is double/queen 82×97 inches and all you will need is batting, thread and backing.
Price: $210 USD + shipping

Pictured above is Paragon’s Baltimore Bride vintage quilt kit in double/queen for cross stitch embroidery. This kit was inspired by the amazing applique quilts that came out of the Baltimore area during the 1850’s. I’m working on one of these kits right now and am loving the results.
There is no thread kit with this item and I have never seen one but the listed numbers and number of skeins is on the package, so no problem.
Price $165 USD + shipping

I have this lovely kit back in stock. It is Bucilla’s American Eagle, or Liberty as it was known when marketed by Bucilla on behalf of 20 Mule Team Borax as a premium in 1976 during the bicentennial celebrations. No thread kit with this one but it is stunning with the colourway for 20 Mule Team, which was scarlet and royal blue. It would also lend itself nicely to a red, green and touches of ochre colour scheme so popular during the 1800’s and before. Sized at 90×103 this top will finish to a good queen sized quilt.
Price $195 + shipping


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