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Tobin/Progress vintage Tree of Life Quilt Kit – telling the difference between a true vintage kit and the currently manufactured modern kit

In stock again!!! The lovely vintage quilt kit on the left below is on it’s way to me and I am immediately offering it for sale for those of you who want a rare and lovely vintage kit. It will not last long and is priced at $225 USD plus $25 USD shipping

Some people have been asking how one determines whether or not the kit is 100% cotton or is made of the less desirable 50%/50% poly/cotton.

Here’s how:

Enlarge both pictures above to read the descriptive material on the package – the one on the left is the vintage Progress/Tobin Tree of Life Quilt Kit which I have for sale – this quilt kit is 100% cotton and has been out of print for thirty years or more. The picture on the right is of a technically vintage but still in production quilt kit which superceded the 100% cotton one and is made of a blend of 50/50% polyester/cotton. This quilt kit, though technically vintage is less desirable among collectors than the earlier, out of print version.

Hope that clarifies matters for you – just a note> I am too careful of my hard earned reputation to ever sell a poly/cotton blend quilt kit, so rest assured you will get the very best of vintage quilt kits through me.
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Celebrate Canada! Quilt Show and Sale a great Success!

We decided to hold a second quilt show during the year. As the space the church can offer is limited, the only way to increase the fundraising effort was to give this a try. We decided to call the show Celebrate Canada! Quilt Show and Sale and to integrate it with alol the other events held as Hall’s Harbour celebrates Canada Day. It brought in people all day long and when the dust settled we found we had sold more quilts than we usually do in two days during the fall show Quilts at the Harbour.

Twenty percent of all sales is held back from the venders as a donation to the church and we also collect a freewill donation. The combined total raised for the church was around $450.

There was the additional bonus of local exhibitors earning money which will be spent locally and will help to make the community more sustainable.

Here is one of the queen sized quilts that sold at the show. The quiltmaker is a senior lady who is clearly very proficient. She and her daughter come and show at Quilts at the Harbour regularly and we look forward to touching base with them each year. This year they also brought along another daughter’s lovely quilts and embroidered tote bags. Bonus!!!

Being a coastal community we have more than our share of nautically inspired quilts – this is my “Coastal Schooner, Blomidon” inspired of course by the trading and fishing schooners familiar here in the first half of the twentieth century, and also inspired by our local icon – Blomidon, which is seen referenced everywhere from stained glass church windows to sign painting.

We close with two visitors examining the other queen sized quilt that sold right after we opened for the day. It really heartened us to make a major sale that early in the day!!!

Don’t forget that Quilts at the Harbour 11 will take place on Saturday September 26, 2009 from 10AM until 6PM and again on Sunday September 27, 2009 from 12 until 5PM. I can’t believe we have been doing this for 11 years! Seems like yesterday we were feeling our way through planning the first show!!

See you there at the Hall’s Harbour United Baptist Church on the corner of West Hall’s Harbour and Sullivan Roads.


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