Below are pictures of two recently finished and delivered projects that I worked on over the past winter. Both are one of a kind, hand pieced and hand appliqued quilts, which were finished with careful and detailed hand quilting.

Above is a queen sized quilt inspired by a 19th century quilt in a Pennsylvania museum. You can click on the picture to enlarge it and see all the careful handquilting. The client is a woman living in the Washington DC area, who is delighted with the results, and we are already working on a follow-up commission to this one.

Above is the sixth of a series of quilts I have made for a West Coast Canadian dealer in First Nations Art. I have made two bed quilts for him, and this is the fourth version of pieces of art he has asked me to do – again he is very satisfied and I am currently working on two more commissions he has entrusted to me. These pieces are an exciting challenge and it is hoped they will be exhibited in a textile show planned for the coming winter in Victoria BC.
I have had a busy winter and as I go into my summer season at my Quilt Studio I have some exciting commissions I’m working on. Now if the weather would just improve I could do some gardening too!!

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