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Looking out my Back Door (apologies to Credence Clearwater)

It’s a great morning after yesterday’s storm. I was saying to folks on another forum how a day like yesterday gets my creative juices flowing , because it’s so peaceful here on a snow day – no traffic coming by, no noise other than the brook across the road and no interruptions. I played Christmas music (on the bagpipes no less) all day and quilted away on my most recent commission – a 19th century type green, red and mustard flying geese quilt based on one in a museum in Pennsylvania.

The view in the above picture is what I see when I look out my back door these days – my woodpile covered in snow, a view across the road into a small woodlot, and my old wooden door with a plain balsam fir wreath on it. The snow dusting it is decoration enough – I don’t need artificial glitter or kitschy ornaments.

I think this year, many of us will have a simpler, more frugal celebration. I for one will continue my tradition of a simple but tasty meal with special touches, simple gifts and an emphasis on reaching out to people with assistance through an agency that accepts small investments of $25 and disburses the money to people who cannot access bank credit for their small businesses through microfinance agencies in the developing world. As it is repaid the money can be withdrawn, gifted to Kiva or re-invested. I have bought myself two loans this week, and will make purchases of gift cards soon for family and friends.

Wishing you a very safe and blessed holiday season and a secure and happy new year, and above all may peace come to the world.

I wish to thank all my customers who have supported me and my vision by making purchases this year – you have made this my best year yet!


I have been asked to post the Leo Naugler decorated frames with mirrors. The green one is approximately 17 inches square, with the frame 3 inches wide it is decorated with woodland motifs, pine tree, tent, fishing pole, anchor, heart and a pair of moored boats. It is dated 1999 and signed. There are no issues.

The second one is white and measures 15 by 21 inches. It is chip carved, like the first and has traditional rose flowering vines along the sides rather like an appliqued border on a quilt, and top and bottom are Leo’s red and black finger-dots on yellow fish. I think these fish are his favourite motif and it makes me smile each time I see one of them!
I do not call it an issue, just due to using greenish wood – the mitered seams of the frame, although tight at the outside edge, have opened a little toward the inside. I don’t see this as something that needs to remedied, but everyone has their own opinion – just wanted you to know it is there, as it is in most of Leo’s frames. On looking again at the green frame one corner is slightly open toward the inside edge.
This frame is signed and dated 1999 on the back , actually in two places – the frame and on the mirror.

For those of you looking for further vintage quilt kit postings, I recently acquired a fantastic Paragon Applique kit and will post it and some wholecloth Doublestencil/Spartex quilt kits in the next day or so.


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