Progress/Tobin Vintage Tree of Life Applique Quilt Kit

I know that a lot of collectors are searching for the vintage Progress/Tobin Tree of Life quilt kit. This kit is not the newer one using polyester 50/50 fabric. I have one ofthe true vintage kits – 100% cotton background and authentic period applique fabric. These kits are getting very hard to find and when they do show up in the secondary market the price reflects their beauty and rarity.

My kit has lost it’s colour photo and brief instruction sheet, but anyone wanting to complete it should have no trouble doing so. I will include cololur copies of the three photos shown here.

SOLD MAY 12/09 PRICE: $210 USD plus shipping

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  • Hello, I contacted you about a year ago regarding the quilt kit Tree of Life. I have completed the quilt and now am dealing with all the little blue dots all over the quilt top. Any suggestions on getting these out of the quilt? I have had it soaking for 3 days in a Water/Oxyclean solution which has faded some, but the rest are quite visible. I am in a panic as I have this quilt entered in a Quilt Show in February along with having it appraised for the elderly man whose wife started it. If you know any tricks to get these dots out I would appreciate it.
    Joni Harrel

  • janet:

    Hi Joni: I’ve completely re-written and posted today my thoughts and tips on getting the ‘washout’ lines out of vintage quilt kits. – I hope that helps – if I were you I wouldn’t worry – it will be admired and enjoyed at the quilt show, and a certified AQS Appraiser should not find much drawback if there are some marks remaining.

  • Phyllis:

    My mother in law made this quilt in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Have been searching for this kit or quilt pattern for some time. Came upon this site by accident. Was a lost cause before!!! What fun……Great.

  • janet:

    Phyllis: I am expecting the arrival of this kit soon – Progress #1492 “Tree of Life” which will finish to size 79×7 inches – I sold the one in inventory a while ago. You’re right about the dating – these kits were very popular about 50-60 years ago and have proven a classic choice since then. They are truly lovely.

  • Mary:

    Hi, I have the stamped cotton quilt top but not the fabrics to appliqué.. I inherited the top but don’t know what to do next?

  • janet:

    Hi Mary: I have a package of he materials stamped, from which to cut out the appliques for the quilt top. I can also supply the working diagrams and instrucyions should you need them. Contact me: should you wish to pursue purchasing them

  • becky:

    Looking for the stamped appliques for the Tree of Life by Tobin No 1492. I found the printed top in some old things of my aunt but couldn’t find the applique pieces. Do you know if there is anywhere I could get them without buying the entire kit?

  • janet:

    You’re in luck! I have a complete set of the appliques for Progress Tree of Life in my inventory. These vintage pieces are clean sounhd and crisp, having been carefully stored over the years.Contact me if you wish me to put a HOLD on this item.

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