Holiday Quilt Sale – save on favourable exchange rate

I want to remind folks in the United States of a currently very favourable rate of exchange. For close to a year the Canadian $ has been almost par with the USD. I’ve personally found this a lovely state of affairs as many of my purchases of fabric and quilting notions are made in the
United States. Fortunately, I have a stash that would supply me for several lifetimes, so I can forego purchases right now.
For residents of the United States, looking at purchasing Holiday gifts for their family and friends, I have some smaller quilts that currently are a very good deal. Check out for daily exchange rates. At the moment, for every $100 canadian purchase you make, you are paying only $81 US – and if you decide to purchase one of my completed quilts or commission a completely unique quilt for yourself I am prepared to offer free shipping in addition.
I think you will agree that this is a very attractive offer.

For example, my little Holly Hobbie 1972 Paragon quilt made from the original vintage kit is now priced at $235 Cdn or $190 USD. Pictured below, the little quilt is crib sized and has a hanging sleeve so it can be used as a wallhanging in the nursery, if you prefer.
SOLD Holly Hobbie Quilt June 2009
I have another crib quilt, again with a hanging sleeve that is called Beach Teddies. Ordinarily I don’t “do” what are called panels as I find they are so frequently of questionable quality, colour and design. This one, though, I fell in love with – from the nautical theme, the country colours and the very good design that Theresa Kogut is known for. This was “recreation” while doing a huge predominantly black Amish type quilt last summer and I was so delighted with the results. Usually panel quilts are only minimally quilted and often it is machine quilting. This one received my meticulous care and handquilting that brings out all the details. I will post a picture shortly. As always, 100% cotton materials – top, backing, batting and thread. Price: $195 CDN or as of today, $158 USD.
My last completed quilt is a small wallhanging or table topper I call Lavender Parterre. This is an all original design of mine that of course is hand appliqued and hand quilted. It would look exquisite as a table topper on a victorian tea table in your sunroom this winter, wouldn’t it?
SOLD APRIL 19/09 Price is $175 Cdn, or $140 USD.

I will soon post many new listings of vintage quilt kits: Doublestencil, Progress/Tobin, Bucilla and Paragon. I have finished my inventory now and have a handle on my treasure trove!! After the Christmas rush I hope to start inventory on my vintage and antique quilt tops – there’s another great project I’m sure you’ll be interested in.

Tomorrow I will post the schedule for my Holiday Open House weekends. Hope to see you soon out my way!

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