A Mini-tour of my Quilt Studio

I thought today I’d give you a quick tour of my Quilt Studio as it looks to visitors. The first picture is of the large sign at the side of the road – it’s taken from the doorstep. I made this new sign last spring and 3 of my friends helped to set it up one sunday morning.
Next picture is of the space in my porch where I pile firewood in the winter – this space holds about a cord and a half of wood that gradually dwindles over the course of the winter – more is on the doorstep and nearby. When the wood is all gone, a good sweep out and it becomes part of my display space for the summer tourism season. Most of my quilts are in the quilt studio part of the house, but I have lots of folk art, handknits and a few quilts out here – it’s a very pleasant space.
The last picture is of a wonderful hanging basket of climbing nasturtiums I picked up at a farm market a few weeks ago – glorious colours aren’t they? They’re one of my favourite flowers – love the scent and the flowers and young leaves make a lovely tasty edible garnish.
Hanging in the doorway is a recently finished quilt top that hopefully I can get around to quilting very soon. It is a new project on my teaching website http://www.simplequiltmaking.com
The weather is glorious here lately – day after day of hot sunny weather, and lovely long and light-filled evenings. Couldn’t be better!

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  • Karen:

    Thank you for the mini-tour. I spent a couple of days in Nova Scotia, many years back and wish to return for a much longer visit. When that day comes, I will surely stop for a visit.

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