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Special offer – giveaway

As you will recall, I have launched a membership teaching site and am beginning a campaign to encourage people to join. Between now and the end of August everyone who becomes a member will have a chance to win a prize consisting of a book, fabrics, notions and perhaps a small quilt kit. I am gathering items at the moment and will announce a bit later the contents of the prize package. It will be worth at least $50 USD, and anyone signing for membership who doesn’t drop out during his/her first 30 days will be entered in the draw which takes place around the first of October.
The picture above shows some typical fabrics from my stash. I will be drawing on this cache to fill the giveaway box as well as including some notions, maybe a pattern or two or a small quilt kit!
I think you will enjoy checking out the projects listed so far and two more projects will be added very shortly at:

A Mini-tour of my Quilt Studio

I thought today I’d give you a quick tour of my Quilt Studio as it looks to visitors. The first picture is of the large sign at the side of the road – it’s taken from the doorstep. I made this new sign last spring and 3 of my friends helped to set it up one sunday morning.
Next picture is of the space in my porch where I pile firewood in the winter – this space holds about a cord and a half of wood that gradually dwindles over the course of the winter – more is on the doorstep and nearby. When the wood is all gone, a good sweep out and it becomes part of my display space for the summer tourism season. Most of my quilts are in the quilt studio part of the house, but I have lots of folk art, handknits and a few quilts out here – it’s a very pleasant space.
The last picture is of a wonderful hanging basket of climbing nasturtiums I picked up at a farm market a few weeks ago – glorious colours aren’t they? They’re one of my favourite flowers – love the scent and the flowers and young leaves make a lovely tasty edible garnish.
Hanging in the doorway is a recently finished quilt top that hopefully I can get around to quilting very soon. It is a new project on my teaching website
The weather is glorious here lately – day after day of hot sunny weather, and lovely long and light-filled evenings. Couldn’t be better!

Finished Lavender Parterre!

I have finished Lavender Parterre, my newest small quilt and placed it for sale in my quilt studio. I’ve recently fallen in love with smoky lavenders and decided to experiment – I’m pleased!
This is an original, one of a kind, funky folky tabletopper or wallhanging, and is entirely handstitched and handquilted. It would look sweet in a summery room or on your al fresco tea table. I used this small quilt as a kind of “recess” to work on while I worked through technical solutions for an art quilt I have been commissioned to complete – more of that later when I’m ready for a picture of it.
We are having day after day of glorious summer weather, cooling off each night as the fog comes ashore at sundown. Wildflowers are everywhere, including at least 5 kinds of wild roses, lupins, daisies and soon there will be black eyed susans. My lilies, columbines and peonies are gorgeous, and strawberries are in season, soon to be followed by high bush blueberries and raspberries. I’m planning a feed of small new potatoes and new green peas this evening.It’s so easy to eat locally grown fruits and vegetables at this time of year.


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