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Will Spring Come This Year?

We woke up to 6 inches of wet, heavy, yucky snow yesterday morning and I had to get the neighbour with his snowblower down to deal with it! Blech!! I’m reading lots of seed catalogues and wishing these days!
It is helping me to get lots of quilting done though. I have a major quilt at the handquilting phase right now and I’m very pleased with it indeed. A well, I am dealing with a couple of smaller commissions, which present seperate challenges – this is always fun!
The quilt kit shown above is one of my vintage Paragon kits complete with suitable floss for embroidery – I looked it out and photographed it for a prospective purchaser who found the king sized version a bit large for her bed and so passed on it.

One of my “recreational” projects is an online tutorial for my “Sea Creatures” quilt ( and I find I am going to end up with two seperate concepts for the same basic idea – these smaller quilts – child sized or wall hanging size will be for sale when I have completed them or sooner if you want to contact me. I am working on building up some stock for the “walk-in” tourist traffic I get at my quilt studio because of its location near the very popular destinaton of Hall’s Harbour, Nova Scotia, so I expect these smaller quilts will go quickly.

Shown below is one of two amish style strippy quilts I am currently handquilting. I have become fascinated with the endless variations that can be achieved withing the framework of solids only and limited colour palette, and I find I keep returning to play with ideas.

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