This is a quilt I have just finished handpiecing and begun to hand quilt. It is my version of a quilt in the collection of the State Museum of Pennsylvania and dates to the 19th century. The colours red, green and ochre are commonly used amoung the pennsylvania dutch in particular and in the northeastern United States and Canada in general.
It has been thrilling to make this quilt, and in particular so gratifying to see how easily the blocks and strips come together when hand piecing is used rather than machine piecing.
After this quilt and a couple of smaller commissions are completed, I am hoping to get several of my vintage and antique quilt tops ready for hand quilting, and also to make several other quilts using 19th centrury reproduction fabrics. Of you are interested in exploring any of these possibilities, please contact me at mailto:janet@novascotiaquilts.com


  • a simple quilter:

    Absolutely love this quilt! Amish and Pennsylvania German colors are so simple yet rewarding to work with.

    You appear to be hand quilting, but I don’t see that you are using a frame or a hoop. And it looks as though you are using straight pins and no basting stitches. Would love to hear more about how you prepare a quilt sandwich for quilting in order to keep things from slipping.

    Glad I stopped by. I’ve found a blog that I can see myself coming back to again and again. I have decided that I no longer wish to be part of the “hurry up and finish” fever that is taking over the quilt world. I rather only make one or two a year and know that I did them well instead of doing them fast. I have spent much of the last year working on hand piecing and look forward to the long winter nights to hand quilt them.

    have a wonderful weekend!

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