Recently I have been checking through my inventory and also reorganizing leaflets, patterns and books. I have located several items I knew I had, but could not remember where they were stashed. One of these items is this sweet little kit that proves to me that the nicest things come in small packages. The box containing this kit is about 4 by 4 inches and no more than an inch high. Dating to the 30’s and containing a lovely nile green backing and enough precut yoyo’s in prints and solids to complete the project, the colours are nile green, warm white, lavender and some green, yellow, coral and lilac prints. The kit was marketed by ABC Chicago (Ideal) and is the only one of its kind I have seen. It is in clean mint condition, along with quaint Art Deco instruction sheet, the only flaw being that two sides of the little box have broken down – I have not repaired this, leaving that as your choice. How darling this kit will look as part of a vignette of vintage sewing items beside your old Singer machine!

Price $89.95, airmail postage included.

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