I just finished this top today and since it is a lovely early fall day I took it outside and photographed it. I will have to wait until I have quilted it and have it professionally photographed to show you the whole quilt, I am just not set up to display a quilt of this size here at my studio. However, it will finish to about 86×106 inches when done and will be heavily handquilted in very traditional quilting patterns. This quilt is without a doubt the best quilt I will ever do and the person who commissions its completion will have a one of a kind, original design that is informed by the tradition of the baltimore album quilt but goes well beyond that concept. Of course it is entirely hand-appliqued and will be hand quilted.
I am planning on submitting this quilt to our provincial government’s Art Purchase Programme providing the cut off dates are good, but am displaying it here in case there is someone out there who is thinking of buying it for their private collection. I did have interest in it expressed by a couple of visitors from British Columbia, so will give hem the opportunity of first refusal.

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