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Putnam’s dyes have long been the traditional standard of excellence for those artisans who prefer to dye their own rug wool. A lively market for vintage and antique Putnam’s dyes and their marketing containers has grown up, as rug hookers and dyers have become collectors. These items also attract collectors of country store memoribilia.
Recently I was very fortunate to find this store counter case in brightly lithographed tin. As it is still in the mails to me I am waiting keenly to receive it so that I get a clearer picture of its dimensions and condition.
I am offering it for sale immediately so that those of you who know the scarcity of such an item can get in on the ground floor and speak for it. What a wonderful gift it would make for someone at Christmas! For further details, please contact me at


Well, we’ve done it – Grace and I and our helpers on the bake table and refreshments beat have done all that can be done to make our 9th Annual Quilts at the Harbour Show and Sale a success. We now sit on the edge of a vacuum, not knowing and not being able to control whether it will be a success or not – we should be used to this helpless feeling – been there and done that 8 previous times and each time has been a success so that should tell us something – it doesn’t! We go through the same angst year after year (smile). We have some new exhibitors this year and wish you could come and see.
For some reason the map of Hall’s Harbour won’t upload this morning, so if you need it to find the quilt show, scroll all the way down the page through the older posts and you will find it.
The quilt show and sale takes place Saturday September 29, 2007 from 10 until 5PM and Sunday September 30 from noon until 5PM. You can drop off quilts and other items for display and sale from 6 to 7:30 Friday September 28, 2007 and after 9:30 Saturday morning.
Remember, for those coming to browse or buy, admission is by freewill offering, refreshments are free and there will be a bake table.
All freewill donations, bake table proceeds and 15% of the sales goes to benefit the church – last year over $600 was raised.
Come out and enjoy a fall day in the country in a lovely small heritage church, among friendly welcoming people.

Nova Scotia Folk Art Gull

Pictured is a wonderful polychromed carved wooden seagull by Neil Levy of Blandford, Nova Scotia. Carved in 1997, this fellow has been inspiring my quilting for several months now and every time I pass him I simply can’t resist running my hand over his smoothly curving body. He stands on a small piece of stained and varnished pine and his feet are a work of art in themselves.
This guy is extremely well-behaved and hasn’t yet forgotten his manners as the wheeling seagulls down at the harbour are prone to do!
He’s ready to fly from my home to yours!
SOLD: This lovely little guy has flown away to Martha’s house, but he still lives in my neighbourhood, I’m glad to say.

NEWS! Quilts at the Harbour has a dedicated website!

I’m pleased to tell you that our annual quilt show and sale in Hall’s Harbour, Nova Scotia now has a dedicated and permanent website thanks to my daughter’s generosity in doing the “techie” stuff. It will be a community service site and to cover the costs of domain name and hosting will carry google adsense ads.
Check out for news leading up to the event this year, and afterwards for lots of pictures of the show itself – I will make sure to bring along my digital as will friends and other participants and hope to make it feel like you are there.
The picture above is of a vintage 1920’s or 30’s hooked rug which was probably hooked on a Garrett’s printed burlap – these were sold throughout Canada via Eaton’s catalogue and also by mail order through Garret’s offices in New Glasgow, Halifax and Boston. Spruce Top Rugs in Mahone Bay have copies of the definitive work on Garrett Rugs, showing all the variations and styles which were offered.
A firm in New Glasgow has purchased all the old patterns which were warehoused there for many years – they are now re-publishing the patterns. is where you can look at these old patterns.
All for now, folks. Please contact me either through comments or email me at: if you need further information.
In addition, there will be several other vintage hooked rugs for sale in addition to quilts, and quilty things.

MY NEW BLOG – Quilting with Janet

I recently began a new blog and would like to make sure you have a look. It’s called “Quilting with Janet” and is a more personal diary in which I would like to receive comments and questions and attempt to answer them. You can find this log at if this doesn’t get you to the site, email and let me know and I will correct this post! I haven’t had my morning coffee yet so anything is possible!

The picture to the left is the label from a wonderful Doublestencil kit I acquired recently – queen sized. At the same time I also acquired a crib or wallhanging size of the same design. I am ready to complete either one for you using my applique and handquilting skills.


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