I want to show you a quilt I just finished piecing this morning. It is 50×64 inches – a good snuggle size – and is made from about a dozen different co-ordinated fabrics reproduced from the 1830 to 1880 time period. Featured are fabrics in the indigo and cheddar colourways by Margo Krager. When finished, the quilt will be bound in a dark blue print. This quilt is in a simple, timeless style and can be completed and shipped to you at a cost of $525USD anywhere in North America. Elsewhere shipping will be a little more.
I think my major quiltmaking strengths are in colour choice and design, and I am thrilled by how this one has turned out.
I have so many ideas for using my extensive fabric collection – perhaps you would like me to design something for you using your favourite colours and size.

I am feeling very creative these days as the weather has finally improved and is now more typical of summer on the North Atlantic seacoast, instead of the steamy tropics. Working hard to finish up a couple of commissions and get on to new projects!

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