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How to Quilt: Lesson 1 – Getting Started

What do you really need to buy before you get started on quilting? What do you need to know to get started? Many people cannot believe that it is as simple as it is, and certainly those who sell quilting supplies want to sell you as much as possible, so make it appear complicated.
First, as to the needed abilities. You really only need to know how to thread a needle – everything else can be learned step by step as you progress from one level to the next, and you will find the whole process makes sense if you learn it this way.
Next, on to supplies. You should buy a good quality packet of assorted needles and a pack of glass headed long pins; a spool of piecing thread in a lighter rather than darker colour – all cotton, please; and a spool of hand quilting thread, also all cotton in a light, neutral colour. A larger pair of scissors or shears, a cheap mechanical pencil – office supply firms carry them in packs of 4 or 5, and an accurate clear acrylic ruler, marked to a quarter inch at least. Many of these supplies are found in most households and until you see whether you wish to carry through on the process of learning to quilt, you don’t need anything more specific. Finally you will need some sort of flat plastic for templates – for now the larger margarine tub lids will be just fine. Your cash outlay should be considerably less than $10.
And last, but perhaps most important, you will need some pieces of the very best quality 100% cotton you can buy – check out the sale shelf at your local quilt shop, their remnant bin, or pick up about three fat quarters in your favourite colours and patterns – there! you’re ready to go!! If you really want to keep the cash outlay down cadge some bits from a quilting friend or check out your local thrift store for pieces of clothing in 100% woven cotton – it should be possible to find lots of gently worn clothes very cheaply.
Do you want to move on to the next lesson? In it we will make and finish a hotpad – small enough to be possible, but containing all the basics of making a much larger quilt and then quilting it!!
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