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Would you like to learn to quilt, in your own home, with a minimum of purchased items and the freedom to schedule your sessions at any time convenient to you, without having to travel to a class? All this for the small monthly sum of $10.99 – less than the cost of gas to a weekly class. All you need to know is how to thread a needle – I will coach you in the rest!
For some time now, I’ve been thinking of creating a website that would enable you to do just that – a website that would have instructional materials geared to whatever level you are at; that would have tips and hints not available in most regular classrooms; that would allow you to instant access an experienced and friendly quilter with your questions, ideas or problems. In addition to this, you would be able to post pictures of your triumphs, meet other learners, read interesting articles on quilt history, repair, restoration, designing, colour and pattern choices etc. The picture above is of a quilt which would be well within the capacity of a confident beginner, which you can be if you choose to learn with me.
I’d really like to hear from you with your views – would you be interested in a teaching schedule you decide upon, an instructional programme free from the need to own a sewing machine or other expensive gizmos – in other words – the picture of a quilt artist working peacefully in a warmly comfortable room with your choice of music or audio novel playing in the background, a pot of tea simmering on the woodstove – perhaps a dear friend working with you? This peaceful and creative image could be you!!! Contact me at janet@novascotiaquilts.com with your comments and questions. I will add you to my list and keep you informed of the progress of this plan.

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