A quilt using Den Haan and Wagenmaker fabric

You can imagine how pleased I was to purchase a large sampler box of Den Haan and Wagenmaker’s beautiful Dutch Chintzes and documentary East Indian fabrics. These fabrics first came to Holland as extremely costly imports via the Dutch East Indies Company in the early 1700’s. They quickly became the favoured fabrics to make house furnishings and were also used in the distinctive regional costumes we have all seen and admired. These fabrics are very similar to the “indiennes” so popular over the centuries in the Provence area of southern France and as produced today by Soulieado and Pierre Deux.
You can commission me to make you a quilt using these luxury fabrics and inspired by traditional European and North American quilt patterns. I’ve provided a picture of the fabrics(sorry it’s such a poor one – I will eventually learn to use a digital camera) along with several ideas here and to view several made up quilts you can visit either Reproduction Fabric or the Den Haan and Wagenmaker site. At some point this winter, I plan to start a quilt using these fabrics – if you act now, you can be involved in choosing the size and design of this quilt and can become its happy owner!

If you are planning to attend our small community’s quilt show next weekend, be sure to check below for details or contact me at mailto:janet@novascotiaquilts.com for more details, especially if you wish to show a quilt.

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