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A quilt using Den Haan and Wagenmaker fabric

You can imagine how pleased I was to purchase a large sampler box of Den Haan and Wagenmaker’s beautiful Dutch Chintzes and documentary East Indian fabrics. These fabrics first came to Holland as extremely costly imports via the Dutch East Indies Company in the early 1700’s. They quickly became the favoured fabrics to make house furnishings and were also used in the distinctive regional costumes we have all seen and admired. These fabrics are very similar to the “indiennes” so popular over the centuries in the Provence area of southern France and as produced today by Soulieado and Pierre Deux.
You can commission me to make you a quilt using these luxury fabrics and inspired by traditional European and North American quilt patterns. I’ve provided a picture of the fabrics(sorry it’s such a poor one – I will eventually learn to use a digital camera) along with several ideas here and to view several made up quilts you can visit either Reproduction Fabric or the Den Haan and Wagenmaker site. At some point this winter, I plan to start a quilt using these fabrics – if you act now, you can be involved in choosing the size and design of this quilt and can become its happy owner!

If you are planning to attend our small community’s quilt show next weekend, be sure to check below for details or contact me at for more details, especially if you wish to show a quilt.

handcrafted quilts – a variety of choices

Talking with a prospective customer the other day I realized something about my particular skills in quiltmaking. Many quilters express a lack of confidence in their colour choices when making a quilt and tend to rely on quilt fabric shops to choose their fabrics for them. This often results in a stiffness or formula-like use of colour. Colour choice is a particular skill that I can use to your advantage in helping you to arrive at fabric choices for your quilt – I have a very strong colour sense. Another area where I feel that I excel is in my self-imposed demands for total accuracy – for me,every seam and point and corner must line up, and to do this I often find that hand rather than machine piecing results in the highest level of accuracy. Shown above is a queen sized jacob’s ladder variation made recently for a jewellry artist from Seattle. We arrived at the final colour and pattern choices by a combination of email and snail mail and the customer was very pleased with the resulting quilt.
When you choose a keepsake, handcrafted quilt from me you can choose from several different sources: I can design and construct a quilt totally from start to finish – a contemporary classic or a quilt strongly influenced by my respect for the quilters of the nineteenth century; or I can complete one of many different vintage and antique quilt tops in my collection – I collect vintage tops using the criteria that they must be carefully constructed and strong enough to withstand being handquilted and used, which includes the occasional wash. Finally, you might choose to have me make up one of the classic kits I have collected by Yours Truly, Hearthside Quilts of Vermont, Progress, Tobin, Doublestencil and Paragon – these kits include wholecloth quilts, applique quilts and cross stitch quilts from the exciting American Bicentennial period around 1976 and before, when the huge resurgence in the popularity of quiltmaking crested in North America. For quilters who woould prefer to purchase these kits in original condition, that can be arranged – just email me with your requirements.
The definitive statement about my handcrafted quilts is made when one of my customers comes back to have another quilt made – this happens frequently and some customers are on their 4th or 5th quilt. All quilts are made of 100% fine cotton fabrics, using top quality Quilter’s Dream cotton batting for ease of care – just wash and dry on gentle/warm cycles in your machine, using an oxy-clean type, non detergent washing agent.
Quilts vary in size from wallhanging, through crib and youth bed sizes, snuggle/lap quilts, single, double, queen and king and are priced according to a combination of size and complexity of patrern and quilting stitches. Hand quilting always.

Hall’s Harbour 2006 Quilt Show: Quilts at the Harbour

It’s September now – time to change gears and get ready for this year’s Quilts at the Harbour show, which will be taking place on Saturday September 23 from 10 until 5, and Sunday September 24 from Noon until 5. The venue, as usual will be the lovely West Hall’s Harbour United Baptist Church and we will again be welcoming exhibitors who wish only to display their quilts and those who will offer theirs for sale as well. We will in addition have a quilter’s “gently used” table wih fabrics, books patterns and other small items. We are hoping to have a small bake table and we will be offering refreshments. Free will offering is the admission price. The church itself is a small gem, with original furnishings dating to the mid 1800’s. Hoping to see you there! All proceeds will go to help support the church – part of our sustainable community. Directions: on Hwt #359 go through the Harbour, past the Lobster Pound and on up West Hall’s Harbour Road – the church is on the right hand side facing Sullivan Road. We will have a sign outside.


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