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Hello to everyone: It’s been so long since I posted that I hardly know where to start. Spring is far along – everything is blooming and the tourists and day trippers are coming out to visit this lovely little Bay of Fundy community.
I do want to thank everyone for all the orders and commissions I have received – several customers are working with me on their fourth or fifth quilt! Thank you too to all the people who looked at my website after having been referred because of their interest in yoyo quilts – I had no idea when I mentioned them that so many people are interested.

I have recently acquired several very lovely “new to me” Paragon and Progress vintage cross stitch quilt kits, some of which such as “Songbirds” and the “Liberty” quilt based on he Smithsonian quilt collection are rare and hard to find. I have also picked up a wonderful double wedding ring quilt top with a pale lavendar background showing off wonderful thirties prints. These quilt tops are so nice for your vintage decor and are awaiting your request for me to finish one for you.

Another of my interests is nautical collectibles and I recently acquired one of the nicest ship dioramas I have ever seen – it is a rendering of the first transatlantic steamship launched in 1840 by Samuel S. Cunard of Halifax, Nova Scotia who successfully bid for the contract for transatlantic carriage of the Royal Mail.
From this 1840 beginning with the Britannia, he developed the Cunard Steamship line which culminated in the legendary luxury liners Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth.

It is not often that so much is known about a ship depicted in a diorama, and in addition to its attractiveness to collectors of Cunard memrabilia, it is without any flaws and is extremely well executed by someone (in the 1920’s I’m guessing) who was fully conversant with all the details of such a ship. It was found in England.

Having researched and looked at many dioramas recently, I am confident that the serious collector of folk art, nautical vintage and antique items, ships portraits and dioramas wuld be proud to own this lovely one-of-a-kind piece. Please contact me by email – you can find this on my contact page – if you want to know more about this treasure.


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