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A treasure-trove of yoyo quilts

Quilts at the Harbour is over for another year, and our small local Quilt Show was able to raise a significant amount to support the West Hall’s Harbour United Baptist Church. We also had a lot of fun along the way! Thanks to everyone who supported us!

Now on to the winter’s activities at my quilt studio in Hall’s Harbour. Lots of work to do!

When Country Living magazine recently published a picture of a beautiful vintage yoyo quilt used in a bedroom setting, they started a new trend among collectors of vintage quilts.
Vintage bed-sized yoyo quilts in good condition are not that easy to find.
Many were not finished in such a way as to protect the easily damaged, fragile little yoyo’s – the throw needs to be mounted to a cotton backing and bordered with solid fabric to stabilize and protect it. Otherwise these wonderful vintage treasures cannot be safely used as a bed topper.
I am very lucky to have sourced a limited number of these lovely vintage textiles that have been stored carefully for years and are in an undamaged state. I will be stabilizing them as described above in order to prolong their useful life.
Each of them will have an attached backing and edging in a solid fabric of a period appropriate colour. You can then display your treasure on a bed, over a chair or sofa, or even as a wonderful, funky and sweet wallhanging. Contact me to learn more:


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