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Surfing the net

It’s been almost too hot lately to do much work! I’ve been goofing off a lot and what better way to do that than surfing the net: my computer by the open window is bringing in cool breezes from the Bay.
I visited Deanne Fitzpatrick’s site( to see what she was up to. Deanne is a primitive rug hooker from the Amherst, Nova Scotia area, who is known internationally for her rugs reflecting a way of life that’s evolving very rapidly in Atlantic Canada due to rural out-migration, the collapse of the ground fishery, the competition for fish to be packed locally as opposed to going to China for packing and distribution, and the longstanding benign neglect of rural areas by all levels of government.
Deanne had lots of thoughts yesterday that caused me to follow the links she suggested and then branch off down interesting by-ways, and I’d like to share some with you. Looking at her cv reminded me that the Annual Nova Scotia Folk Art Festival will be held soon in Lunenburg – for a look at what is planned, go to The Boxwood Festival will also be held there soon – this is a music festival/workshops of traditional and baroque music featuring the wooden flute – founded by Chris Norman, formerly of the Baltimore Consort.
In addition there will be the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival – world and folk music and workshops. Many workshops in traditional craft such as knitting, rug hooking, etc will also be occurring around the province. More later about the annual Quilts at the Harbour show and sale held annually in my community.
Have been trying to upload a picture or two, but there seems to be a glitch – will post some when the glitch goes away! Plus perhaps some more links for you to explore.

Quilt Gallery

Since I haven’t posted new quilt pictures in a long while, I thought I’d put one up tonight.
Honey Bee is a quilt I made several years ago for the “From the Mills” Challenge, at the American Textile Museum in Massachussets.


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