Shown above is Paragon #01188 Garden Bouquet – this kit is a double/queen and is factory sealed – in pristine condition and ready for your loving handwork. The colours have been updated in this early 70’s design to reflect current trends in home decorating and  are once again popular colours today. Coming in an off white background fabric and applique done in green and blue this kit when completed will make a lovely statement in your home!

PRICE: $425USD plus postage $35USDpayable by Paypal or by personal cheque inUSD – tracking and insurance always included

Above is another beauty from Paragon. Ths time it i

s an early one from the pre – WW2 period – prior to the United States’s entry in 1942. It is ” Wild Rose”  a wreath design. There is little remaining to do in this beautifully appliqued quilt top – you will add the final touches of embroidery and then will be ready to sandwich the top and beign hand quilting!

This particular design is not available anywhere I have been searching for it and I have concluded that it was a design whose manufacture was cut short with few having reached consumers.

This lovely design will be unique when displayed in your home. In addition the original owner had everything she was using to work on the quilt stashed in a vintage shirt box and the contents are in themselves fascinating – a window into the the past!! All contents will be included for you to enjoy!

PRICE: $425USD plus postage of $35USD – payable by Paypal or personal cheque in USD. Tracking and insurance always included.

Above is pictured the very lovely Paragon American Glory #01147. This kit was designed and marketed in the lead up to the celebration of the American Bicentennial in 1976. The date of availability starts someyi e in the late 1960’s.

The colours are the clear, vibrant calico prints being sold during the 60’s and 70’s that were compatible to those available in the late 1800’s.

This kit is available in two forms – one with a dark green calico and one with a lighter green – I have both – the light green has been opened and started while the darker green is still factory sealed.

Your choice!

NOTE: In going through my inventory I have discovered that I also have the cross stitch version- it works up in a more muted but

still vibrant style in the red green and yellow against a white background – a great project for the winter! Contact me for details.

PRICE: $425USD plus $35 USD for postage

Above is Bucilla’s Morning Glories #1886 – this quilt kit was current in the late thirties and early 50’s prior to rthe US entering WW2 in 1942.It is a beautiful design featuring the rich pastel solids so popular during

the late 30’s.   In its original box and unstarted the kit is pristine. I have not seen this kit in the secondary market for over five years.

PRICE: $425USD plus $35USD for postage – ON HOLD!!!

The picture above is a little teaser for my next post, which I am currently working on. This is Bucilla’s “Garden Poppies” #8977 – I have both the colourways: red or yellow in factory fresh unstarted condition and several other kits also depicting poppies – and in add the veryrate and lovely “Miss Wildflower”

which is started and awaiting your competion.

Check back in the next day or so to see these beauties!

In the meanwhile enjoy a lovely fall weekend.

I’m going to go sit on my deck overlooking the harbour of Souris Prince Edward Island.



Souris Beach Prince Edward Island - the view from my deck

Soiuris Beach, Souris, Prince Edward Island - viewed from my deck overlooking the bay

Followers of Nova Scotia Quilts have been wondering  where I have gotten to.

I am most definitely still in business. I am settledin and living on thee edge  of the small community of Souris, in a lovely cottage  on the shore of Colville Bay in the east of the province. The view and the colours inspire me!


Over the last five years, it has become next toimpossible to source the earlier kits from the 30’s through to the late 70’s.

When they do appear on the secondary market they often have issues, and if not, are prohibitively priced.

Unfortuneately I have been unable to find any at allover the last three years. This does not mean however that my inventory is depleted and when I checked I found at least eighteen very desirable vintage applique quilt kits only a few of which have issuessuch as partial completion or missing pieces. Most are fresh and unstarted and some date to the late 30’s and early 40’s prior to the start of US involvement in WW2.

Over the bext two posts I will be showing these kits with current pricing and encourage you to act quickly on these treasures as it appears the market has moved o to the kits produced in the 80’s and 90’s as the boomers start to downsize. As my inventory shrinks
I doubt very much if I can replenish it so act now!

Stay tuned – more in the morning!

And remember that I have also got planned some popsts on my updated inventory of wholecloth kits and traditional cross stitch quilt kiys

Warm hugs – Janet

Pre-inventory sale!

If there’s one thing I hate doing it has to be inventory, so the logical thing to do is have a sale before I have to count and check and recheck.

Soooooo – if you’d like to get hold of two or more of my ‘gettoing scarcer”vintage kits, tell me your best price for each one you want and if I agree with ou – then the treasures are yours!

Get a group of gals from your quilt group together for even bigger savings – it pays to think big!!

This is an example of some of the rare and lovely cross stitch quilts I have by Paragon, Bucilla, Lee Wards, and several other makers

In addition I have many rare and lovely vintage applique kits such as the beauty below and of course I have a choice variety of wholecloth quilt kits in all sizes and your choice of ecru or antique white.

Below ios one of the loveliest wholecloth kits I have – it can be used as a tablecloth or drape it around your xmas tree next year – thin angead!

Basically all my pre-inventory stock is shown in back pages of this blog.I have been following the market and finding good items are hard to find and prices for all desirable vintage items have skyrocketed in the secondary market. Prices are volatile and getting more so – waatch for a coming soon article onn the issues in the secondary market for vintage quilt kits. And watch too for a special article on “waifs and Strays” once I have looked through my inventory.

Have a lovely early spring day – where I am we atre shovelling today!


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